Uddiyana bandha is one of the most interesting pranayama exercises that I know of. As it is usually done wrongly using abdominal muscles I made this video to explain how it should be done to achieve the best results.

The proper instructions are:
exhale completely using abdominal muscles – close glottis and keep it closed (so no breathing) – bring chin to chest (jalandhara bandha) – relax abdomen – expand chest – hold
when coming out of it: release expansion of chest – relax jalandhara bandha – inhale and observe your breath and energy flow

Benefits flexibility in diafragm and chest, enhances your breathing, enhances bloodflow to abdominal organs, releases tension from front side of spine, in doing so it lenghtens the spine and releases any pressure on the spinal nerves, this helps to increase sensitivity and strength in the limbs, supports upward flow of blood and energy towards the brain

Do not do this with high blood pressure conditions, headache, eyeproblems.

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Thanks and see you next week!