This week I talk about how to use active quadriceps to open up the back of the leg (hamstrings). It might take some time to get a feel of it, but once you know how to contract the quads you will be able to go much deeper into your forward bending.

There is much more to say about forward bending as the hamstrings is not the only group of muscles restricting the forward bend. More on that later!

I also talk about the ‘monkey’ postition which is an easy way to remember how to lift something up without straining your lower back. Remember: the danger is not in the weights – usually people lift heavy weights in a better way than the smaller weights…

I made this video in response to a question about last weeks video. So thank you for asking questions. In this way we co-create this channel to help even more people!

Any questions about this topic, please feel free to contact me through email or on the PhysioYoga facebook page (

Thanks and see you next week!