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  • Workshop Tenniselbow
  • Workshop PhysioYoga for lower legs and feet
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  • All exercises are searchable so you can view them separately and create your own practice accordingly without needing to see the longer explanatory videos every time.


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  • Basic principles of PhysioYoga – release date 31/8/2018
  • PhysioYoga for knee – release date 28/9/18
  • PhysioYoga to increase vitality – release date 10/10/18
  • PhysioYoga for hip – release date november 18
  • more soon!


Workshop Tenniselbow

in this workshop PhysioYoga offers simple exercises with step by step guidance for tenniselbow and problems related to it.

Tennis elbow (more recently also called mouse-arm) is a condition that is very common, especially now that so many people spend hours on end using keyboards, laptops, tablets, phones,…

It can be very painful and preventing you from normal functioning. Even carrying a small bag can become impossible.

I found with many clients that the exercises I show and explain here can really make a difference. You just need to do them consistently during two to three weeks. So go on doing them even when the condition has improved, even when you feel no more pain!

If you still feel pain or weakness after three weeks, please contact me for a personal consultation as you will need more detailed care to get completely rid of it.

Workshop PhysioYoga for lower legs and feet

in this workshop PhysioYoga offers simple exercises with step by step guidance for the most common physical problems of the lower leg and feet. The exercises are adapted so that everyone can do them, no need to have any experience with yoga. So you can enjoy the benefits of yoga without needing to be a ‘yogi’.

In these videos you will find answers for problems with:
* the foot-arch: flat foot, heelspur, pronation of foot, painful arch of foot, weak foot arch,…
* the toes: hallux valgus, hammer toes, deviating toes, …
* the ankle: sprained ankle, ankle instability,…
* the lower leg: achilles tendon problems, shin splint, shortening/cramping of calf muscles,..
* the knee: creating stability for the knee up from the foot and lower leg – a lot of knee problems originate here
* and any pain or inflammation in the tissues of the lower legs and feet

Subscription Channel

16$/month or at a temporary strongly reduced startup rate of 120$/year. Because you support this project from the early beginnings you get the same rate for the rest of your life even when the price increases as the content grows.

You get acces to the whole channel. I create new content every month. By asking your questions on the members only forum we are co-creating this channel and making it a richer resource for all members.

Check the trailer underneath:

PhysioYoga video workshop Frandeux in Dutch (NL)

This is video footage from a number of workshops I offered in Chateau Frandeux, close to Rochefort in Belgium.
You can buy the whole series, or choose one or more workshops. Members of the Subscription Channel get access to these workshops for free.

All pricing is in US dollar (look here for the current exchange rates)
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Complete online workshop (NL) – 60$
Basic principles (NL) – 30$
Flow Myofasciale Meridianen (NL) – 15$
Flow Deep Front Line (NL) – 15$
Pranayama (NL) – 15$