Peter Sagan is a very talented champion cyclist. In this video you will see him perform one of his deeper stretches. This shows clearly how strong AND flexible he is.

This is an advanced demonstration of some of the basic principles of PhysioYoga:

  • Keep the spine as long as possible: in that way the spinal nerves are completely free of any pressure which means that the stimulus from within the central nervous system can reach the muscle without interference. This results in very strong contractions in the muscles.
  • Functional and powerful muscles are long: when you want a muscle to deliver its maximal potential contraction it must be able to be as long as possible while still contracting (eccentric contractions). Shortening and ‘blowing up’ your muscles does not result in functional strength.
  • Tensegrity: using the genius way the body is constructed to suspend it in space and move with grace

But not to worry: you do not need to go that deep to experience benefits from PhysioYoga. But if you want you can take your body and yourself far beyond what you believe is possible today.