I believe that every human being has the capacity to evolve way beyond average and can lead a fulfilling life. All that is needed is a heartfelt willingness to grow and some guidance along the way.

I have been trained as a physiotherapist, life-coach, yoga-instructor and freedive-coach. I have been working with people for over 25 years and I feel it is time to share my experience with the world.

The world as I perceive it now is in need of aware and conscious human beings with the capacity of taking full responsibility for themselves and their actions, creating circumstances for themselves and their surroundings that support a more balanced, sustainable and healthy life on earth.

Seen in the greatest possible way it is my mission to save the world. Just by myself this is a surreal and impossible task. But I believe that when enough people make the transition towards mature responsible beings the world becomes savable and a better place to enjoy life.

To achieve this mission I believe in ‘open-source’ technology. There are myriad practices that can support people in their growth towards true maturity. Some of those practices have supported me and are still supporting me. As a young man I submerged myself in dancing, martial arts, taoism, yoga and meditation. I studied physiotherapy, acupuncture, different manual therapy approaches and I became a Feldenkrais practitioner. In more recent years my main practice consists of yoga, pranayama, meditation and freediving. I have always felt a deeper connection with the water element and the oceans. For me freediving brings all of my practices together with the ocean as my greatest and most wise teacher.

My path towards a deeper consciousness comes through my body. By bringing more awareness and balance in the body psycho-emotional blocks and believe systems can be healed. My definition of healing being that a person can deal with whatever life brings us in a balanced and fulfilling way.

PhysioYoga is created to support my mission of sharing my practices and my experience with as many people as possible. The ‘open-source’ part being that I offer free weekly inspirational videos in which I share exercises and practices that can support your healing process. Next to that I invite all of you to co-create the things I share in these videos and in my online PhysioYoga resource channel by asking questions and suggesting subjects on which I can create new content.

Of course I also need to survive on an economical level so I also offer paid content. By sharing this with a lot of people, the personal cost for everyone can stay very low. I also offer the possibility to ‘pay it forward’ or to pay when/what you can.

This is a short overview of what I offer:

  • Private consultations with physiotherapy, body-work, yoga and life coaching
  • Private yoga and meditation training tailored to your personal needs (can be on and off line)
  • On-line yoga workshops
  • On-line PhysioYoga resource channel with lot’s of exercises and yoga practices
  • Workshops and retreats: PhysioYoga, Yoga and Freediving
  • Discover your Depths with Freediving – Coaching program certified by Sara Campbell