Body-whisperer in Dahab

Welcome on my Dahab page!

I will be available in Dahab from 22nd of January till 10th of February and
from end of April till beginning of June..
Contact me through email or cell-phone/Whatsapp if you want to secure your spot now!  –  +32 479 279403 –  local number 010 06 56 90 47 (only available when I am in Dahab)

Although my main focus is on helping freedivers, all other people are very welcome to my treatments.
I adapt the way I work according to your question/problem and to your physical fitness.

Physiotherapy with massage – bodywork – yoga – coaching for freedivers

As a freediver and yoga-teacher I comprehend what it is you and your body need as a freediver. Next to the different physical complaints that can arise during training (sprained or sore muscles/joints – overuse injuries – neck/back pains) I can help you to prepare for your most optimal performance.
I have a deep understanding of bodily mechanics and use insights from the most recent anatomical research on fascia and connective tissue. Whatever the problem you encounter, we look into it together and I use all of my experience, knowledge and skills to help you move on. I use several techniques in a unique combination with hands-on bodywork, massage, yoga and mental coaching.

These are some of the topics we can work on:

  • release of tension in neck and shoulders
  • opening the flexibility of the shoulders and the rib cage
  • deep stretching and opening of rib cage, intercostals, pleural linings,…
  • opening of the so called myofascial deep front line to release tensions in the body at the deepest level
  • releasing the diaphragm to optimize its flexibility
  • abdominal/visceral massage to release the diaphragm
  • deep muscle massage to evacuate lactic acid
  • pranayama and yoga techniques to enhance your longvolumes (TLC, FRC …)

Who am I?

My name is Bart Denys, born in Bruges-Belgium. I am physiotherapist working with people for more than two decades. I developed my own style which combines insights from different approaches such as manual therapy, the Feldenkrais method, acupuncture, shiatsu, chi nei tsang, craniosacral therapy and yoga therapy. I see myself as a kind of body-whisperer: finding which impulse you and your body need to excel.