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A few years ago a fellow student in a yoga training with my favourite teacher Robert Boustany told me about the concept of ‘Dharma’ and how she looks at it. It seems that if we as human beings live according to our Dharma we are living a fulfilling life.

In ancient times in India people were born into a caste: educators, labourers, merchands, warriors and outsiders. The first four have the blessing of knowing and being exactly what they are, finding out soon in life what they need to do to lead a fulfilling life. The outsiders, well, they fall outside of everything. In the old caste system of India there was no place for them inside society, they were the outcasts.

Simon Chokoisky wrote a nice book explaining how we can apply these concepts to our modern lives. You can read more about this here.

I found myself to be an outsider, and this is what he writes about it on his website:

“Outsiders are the rebels and black sheep of the Dharma Type family…
They rock the boat of convention, by choice or circumstance, and consider themselves reformers and free spirits. Outsider types are unconventional, empathic, and socially conscious. They blend many influences and traditions into their personalities, and can see things from different angles.
Outsiders are also masters of deception. When properly channeled, this can make them great actors, magicians, or musicians… when poorly channeled, it makes them prone to self-deception, delusion, and lies.
The key to the Outsider’s liberation is telling the truth to themselves about themselves. Responsibility and Self-Respect go a long way to keeping Outsiders healthy and free… so that they can free the world in turn…”

Being me means being a lot of things. In the coming days and months I will share some more parts of me that have less to do with my work, but a lot with who I really (partially) am 🙂

I will share this through blog posts but the most beautiful way to browse these posts is on the dedicated ‘Art & Travel’ page!

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