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Bart Denys

Bart Denys

kinesitherapeut yogaleraar vrijduikinstructeur inspirator bij PhysioYoga

Develop your inner life force

for a fulfilling life

free from physical and mental suffering

I believe that the potential of our body is much greater than commonly believed. We can achieve levels of functioning that are beyond our imagination, our bodies can heal against the odds and we can reach new limits and surpass those limits yet again.

After a cold shower or a winter bath in the North Sea my body feels exhilarating and alive. When I freedive I come up with a smile although my body struggled to survive in the alien but beautiful underwater environment.

These challenges invite me to align the power of my mind with my body. They show me how my life can feel when I allow myself to thrive: full of energy yet relaxed, alive, open, fulfilled, peaceful and with a strong desire to share this experience with other people.

Allowing body and mind to come back to their natural state unleashes the full power of the inner life force. This can happen while walking in nature, doing sports, dancing with friends, having fun with your kids, making love, doing yoga, meditating, …

When this happens people relate totally different to life, people, society and nature. I strongly believe that being connected to the inner life force changes the world and makes it a better, more sustainable and peaceful place.

This connection is everybody’s birthright,
it is your birthright.

I am here to support you in achieving this
in your body, in your life.

Grateful to share my knowledge and experience
through my life and work.




I have been working with people for more than more than 25 years. I see myself as a ‘bodywhisperer’: I communicate with your body to invite you and your body to heal.
Healing is a step by step process of learning and relearning ways to grow towards more balance in body and mind.
You will be invited to do your homework/exercises as this is a valuable part of your healing process.

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PhysioYoga online

I offer online workshops to give you access to a wide range of solutions using yoga and physiotherapy.
The channel is open for everyone, you do not need to be a yogi to benefit from the many simple exercises.
My mission is to give acces to the healing potential of yoga to as many people as possible without them needing to be super flexible or super spiritual.

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Waarom PhysioYoga

Waarom PhysioYoga

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PhysioYoga en Fascia

PhysioYoga en Fascia

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